About Us


Early 2019 Hannah and Joe met for the first time. They soon realised that destiny had set them along the same path. Both hungry to build a life without chains, both creative & colourful, both with the same values & work ethic.

Hannah convinced Joe to chase his dreams with her support to build their own empire. They’ve been inseparable ever since!

 Sat eating halloumi fries, notepad on the table, they brainstormed ideas for a business name. (If it was upto Joe you’d currently be reading the ‘About Us’ for BANANA GOAT! Yep you read that right)

 After picking their brains & having a natter they both realised they’d reached a point in their lives where they gave Zero F**ks about other people’s opinions of them (as you can see they stand out from the crowd and have been subject to stereotypes all their lives) Et Voila.. Zero Fox was born.


Joe from the age of 3 has had an obsession with video gaming & animation and his design concepts are largely influenced by his childhood favourites. Joe took his passion for digital design to college where he studied multi media then VR design at uni and spent years playing with new technologies. His ambition to learn, how to build and create are qualities he soon discovered he shared with Hannah.

Hannah has always been practical & creative and has taught herself over the years how to create celebration cakes and then synthetic dreadlocks, both of these hobbies became a creative outlet with an income. With a hunger to be self-employed, to be free in creativity and years of experience in retail management, creating cool stuff with her partner in crime was a dream come true.


Zero Fox is a handmade crafts and laser cutting service business designed to be different. We appeal to a wide audience, from the alternative & gothic to the geeks & gamers as well as general popular culture designs, including sci fi, music, fantasy and movies, offering bespoke individual products and gifts influenced by nostalgia and modern times.
Zero Fox began with several staple products; Our Alternative jewellery was inspired by a lack of accessibility to purchase unique jewellery from any retailer.. So we decided to design our own!!

This includes Custom tunnels, earrings and necklaces using materials such as acrylic and wood.
We also designed a range of l.e.d light boxes, night lights that are built up with layered paper 3d artwork and Shadow Boxes made up of layers of hand painted wood.

We believe in offering truly unique products that you won’t find anywhere else.

Hannah And Joe ZeroFox